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Outer Ring



The outstanding feature of the outer ring is the traditionally managed coppiced woods; Whitehill, Trenley, Dengrove, Larkey Valley. These together with the high oak forest of Church Wood are beautiful at any time of year. The highlight is the Spring when they are carpeted by glorious displays of wood anemones, bluebells, primroses and wild garlic. This is one of the greatest shows of the natural world and is a world class wildlife experience which is on our doorsteps. It deserves greater recognition as it is one of the glories of Kent and indeed the UK.

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The Outer Ring - a good day's hike, but well worth the time...

This circles Canterbury's countryside - and it is beautiful. The river stour winds its way through the low chalk downs, and hop gardens are interspersed with ancient woodlands.

9 hrs (21.6mi / 35 km)

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